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Pixelmon Generations done right! Server resources that will keep you up at night they are so good. More ram than the server knows what to do with. All to bring you one of the best server experiences imaginable. From the custom plugins, to the beautiful map, to the finely selected staff, you will keep coming back for more!

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What People Are Saying

“BulbaCraft is an amazing server with a great staff and community. In the span of a couple of months I have met so many people. BulbaCraft has become my family and I’m grateful to have it be a part of my life. You won’t see a server like this anywhere else.”


“BulbaCraft is a spectacular server with awesome staff and a great community. In the time I’ve spent in BC I have met wonderful people and have made wonderful memories with them. BulbaCraft is like a second family to me and I’m fortunate to have found it, Its just a one of a kind server.”


“BulbaCraft, what an amazing server. Man do I have some great memories. First of all, BulbaCraft is basically like my second family. Almost right from the start, staff and other players helped me during my time in BulbaCraft. Our staff team is fantastic. This is really just a spectacular server and I’m so glad I joined and met the people that I did. BulbaCraft is one of the best servers I have ever joined, and I’m sure others can say the same.”


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