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The time has come everyone!! The Easter Village event is now entirely set up!! Come visit on Pixelmon Red & Pixelmon Blue to get some lovely prizes :purple_heart: And don’t forget to look for Peter Cottontail :open_mouth: He’ll be hidden in a new spot every day, talk to Fluffy and Cuddles to get clues as to where he is!!! His prizes change every day of the holiday season with a big prize at the end <3 We’ve also added a 20%-off sale to the store for you guys!!! It applies to ranks, keys, tokens, everything in the shop!!! Now is a good time to get some of those Easter Keys!!! The Easter Crates are full of Easter-themed Pokemon, including some special textures, legendaries, and ultra beasts! Big thank you to all of the support you’ve all given us this month!! This server wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of you :purple_heart:

Check out the sale at:

New Features and Additions!!!!

Legendary Gem Shop:

Don’t forget to check out our gem shop that we released a couple days ago!! /GemShop to open the menu! You can now trade legends you don’t want for Gems, which you can check your balance with /Gems! Each legendary is worth a certain amount of gems, the rarer ones costing more, so make sure to save up your gems!! You’re also able to purchase Legendary Held Items and Legendary Drops, such as Prison Bottles :stuck_out_tongue:

Megastone Trading System:

You can now take Megastones that you’ve received from Pokemon drops and can trade them in for Meganites! Meganites can be used to purchase other Megastones from the /Megastone to open the shop and take a look! Don’t forget to do /Meganites to check your balance!! :BulbaOwO:

Elo System:

Also remember to check out our Elo Battling System! You can open the menu with /Battle and enter the queue system from there!!! You can also see a list of banned Pokemon!! With the Elo system you can attain Elo Points which you can check with /Elo and /Elo Top! There are 5 tiers you can reach: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier you reach you get Elo Points that you will soon be able to spend on the Elo Shop! Another feature soon to come! Like I said don’t forget to check out the sale on the shop at: